February 28, 2020

Beatos’s one of the oldest parishes in Lisbon and within its borders it holds distinct and rich realities. It’s a place considered by those who live, a quiet neighborhood, with a privileged location by the river, and old farms and palaces, such as the magnificent Convento do Beato, one of the most important of Lisbon’s heritage, which is nowadays frequently used to perform various types of events.

Convent of Beato 

The Convent of Beato has excellent infrastructures, predominantly the materials used in its construction are white marbles with lavas of red jaspers of national origin, which give it characteristics by itself, as well as, great resistance. It has a great location, close to Lisbon Airport and Lisbon’s main train terminals, Santa Apolónia Station and Gare Oriente Station, as well as the Tejo River. Due to these factors, it is an ideal place to hold various events such as weddings, congresses and exhibitions, among others.

Curiosities of Beato’s Convent

In century XIX, underwent a great fire, that destroyed the church and part of the convent.
In the year of 2004, it underwent another fire.
Recognized over the years for its magnificient construction, the Beato’s Convent was classified by IPPAR in 1984 as a Patrimony of Public Interest, and was used to hold various cultural events.


The station of Santa Apolónia is 10 minutes by car / taxi from Beato and from the train and metro station to reach other places in the Lisbon area. If you stay at Santa Apolónia station you can always walk to Alfama, a neighborhood where the city is targeted.

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