About Us

Every customer and owner is unique.

Roger & Paula own QuietZone Lda, a licensed real estate company with AMI licence Nº 10794, acting mostly as a buyer’s agent, representing and accompanying clients at every step of the purchase process, and basically providing a free consultation service for buyers.

What we believe

The LisbonApartments.com DNA focuses on the premise that every customer and owner is unique to us!

This is why our channel is so unique and unique, where we also promote our passion for the City of Lisbon and a direct and exclusive contact with each player.

At LisbonApartments.com , we have a belief in exclusive service but also the ambition that we can continue to serve more people while continuing to offer the same dedication!

In this sense, we believe in the constant technological development of our website as well as the evolution of navigation of our website.We are constantly evolving and everything we have achieved to date, comes from the trust of our users and also from their crucial feedback, we have the humility to read and listen to each feedback.

We believe that we can adjust to what our customers want, as we know that there are situations that deserve a more personalized treatment, later translating into a better experience and greater contentment through our knowledge, experience, contacts and time invested in us. our clients.

We are a channel where you can find what you want to experience what Lisbon has to offer.

Our History

It all started with an idea, followed by the determination and passion that led to the realization of LisbonApartments.com .

Roger Warwick was the forerunner of this original idea. Roger has extensive experience in tourism and specifically in tourist rental accommodation. Roger is English but in 1988 moved to Madrid, Spain and then later decided to move permanently to Lisbon in Portugal.

Falling in love with this wonderful city, Roger, together with his wife, Ana Paula came up with the idea of creating LisbonApartments.com, which is run via their local company, QuietZone Lda.

Ana Paula and Roger Warwick

Roger Warwick together with his wife Ana Paula.

Our Mission

Verify the quality and diversity of all published accommodation, as an efficient way to solve the need for accommodation of each client that comes to us day by day.

Our Vision

We aim to be the reference channel for all target audiences (short, medium and long term rentals) in the accommodation service offer in Lisbon.

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We would love to hear from you. Our free quote will give you a better idea of who we are and how we work.