by | Oct 7, 2023 | Alojamento Local, Mais Habitação

The new “Mais Habitação” housing law, Lei n.º 56/2023, de 6 de outubro, changes many things for the activity of Alojamento Local (tourist rentals), and we have a convenient summary which can be seen in this post.

However, one of the new requirements that hasn’t really been talked about online, is the new sign that AL owners must visibly display in the property, indicating the rules against noise, according to the law called Regulamento Geral do Ruído, Decreto -Lei n.º 9/2007, de 17 de janeiro.

This is only applicable to AL’s installed in a horizontal property or condominium building.

This law outlines the following basic conditions:

  • For noise made between 11pm and 7am, the Police may be called and order the noise to stop immediately.
  • From 7am to 11pm the Police can order the noise to stop within a certain time
  • Maintenance or building work is prohibited between 8pm and 8am on weekdays and during the entire day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Note the phrasing of the law. It doesn’t say that producing such noise is illegal (although a case could be made for disturbing the peace, and certain court cases have passed sentences in this respect), instead it says that the police can be called, who then have to act.

If the police order the noise to stop in the above terms and that doesn’t happen, there are fines which may be levied:

  • From €200 to €2,000 in the case of individuals
  • From €2,000 to €18,000 for companies.