T2 - Rua São João da Mata

Property Details

Delightful 2-bedroom flat in Lapa

Buja is a unique gem in Lisbon’s trendy Lapa district. This 88-square-meter home offers paradise from the inside out. Guests are encouraged to explore the Portuguese sweet shops scattered around the neighborhood or soak in a sunset at any of the miradouros in the area. Back to Buja, a Congolese-inspired decor is found throughout the entirety of this two-bedroom, one-bath escape.
Buja’s entrance starts with the option to turn left for the open-concept living and dining area or continue straight for the kitchen. Playing with the slanted ceilings and architectonic features of the space, the kitchen is all things modern. The room is complete with modern appliances and all the necessary cooking utensils.

Under a uniquely angular ceiling, the living and dining rooms offer natural light and an upscale design. The dining area is fit for four while the entertaining space in the living room invites guests to relax and revel in the jungle aesthetics. The room is complete with a dedicated workstation in the far corner.
The hallway past the dining room splits off to the right to reveal a detached bathroom and Buja’s first bedroom. The shower-tub combination and basin sink feel divinely modern under the radiance of the skylight.

The bedroom makes full use of the space with the double bedroom featured in the center and two built-in closets between the octagonal window nook.
The door at the end of the hall leads to Buja’s second bedroom. A lush green and mystic wood-carving piece combine to make an accent wall behind the double bed. The left wall is lined with built-in storage.
All bedding and linens are provided.

Property Features