T2 - Rua Cidade de Lobito 267

Property Details

Design Sunny Flat in a Quiet Lisbon Area

Fully Equipped Flat designed for remote working and with Design. Two multifunctional rooms where you can work in a cool environment during the day and quickly change to chill mode or a get-together. 1 master bedroom and a smaller one. Two bathrooms. One Closet room. One large kitchen. The flat has design pieces that create a unique environment. An iconic design wallpaper applied to the ceiling is expected to give you some inspiration or an impressive background for your calls.

The surroundings are great. Most days (including some in the winter) you can enjoy the Sun (work or leisure) outside. If you like to work outside, bring your laptop to the terrace of “Quinta dos Olivais” [80m distance], and enjoy. Quiet neighborhood but with energy. It’s frequent to hear the kids playing basketball nearby. You can read a book there or… ask them to play 🙂

Property Features