Viana do Castelo Implements Municipal Tourist Tax

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Alojamento Local, Fiscal

Viana do Castelo will be implementing a municipal tourist tax from 4th August 2024. This has been confirmed by the publication in the Diário da República today of the regulation approving the implementation of the tax,  Regulamento n.º 179/2024

The tax will be charged to adults older than 16, for a maximum of 5 nights, and the cost will be €1.5 per night in high season and € per night in low season, according to the following dates:
– High Season: 1st May to 31st October
– Low Season: 1st November to 30th April.

The owners of tourist establishments, including Alojamento Local owners, are responsible for receiving the tourist tax from guests, and paying this amount to the municipality, which will be providing a special platform to manage such payments.